SMP,全称为Scalp Mirco Pigmentation,通常被叫做头皮微色素着色技术。SMP纹发是一种利用色素着色于头皮皮肤真皮层的技术,着色完成后,观感有如头发毛囊一样。

      SMP, called the Scalp Mirco Pigmentation, usually called Scalp micro pigment coloring technology.SMP is a kind of technology that uses the coloring of the pigment in the dermal layer of the scalp skin. After the coloring is finished, the feeling is like hair follicles.



      SMP technology is non-surgical nature, with a short operation time, the effect is significant, the whole process almost no pain and other advantages, and does not affect the normal development of the original hair follicles.



      Currently, as the only effective solution to hair loss, SMP hair technology has been favored by the majority of patients with hair loss.


      SMP着色周期SMP Coloring Cycle人类的头发平均密度约为300根/平方厘米。头发变稀疏,将会是一个令人沮丧的时候,秃顶更可以影响自信心和心情。SMP可以帮助你找回自信心与好心情,甚至可以将光头完全恢复成看起来像一头浓密整洁的头发的效果。

      Average density of a human hair is about 300 per square centimeter. Sparse hair, will be a frustrating, bald can influence more confidence and mood. SMP can help you find self-confidence and good mood, can even bald fully recover into effect of hair looks like a thick neat.




      SMP coloring process costs usually 2-3 times, each time 1-4 hours. after the first color, effect is obvious, to achieve the most perfect effect, a week after the need for a second coloring, according to the second shading effect, wen hair division will determine whether you need the third color. This is a gradual process, your family, friends, will eventually because of the change of the you surprised.


      SMP可以解决什么问题?What problem can SMP solve ?



      1.冠状秃Crown Balding




      Crown Balding is the most common degenerative hair loss or balding, usually to make patients look bigger than they actually were, the serious influence to the self-confidence. SMP treatment will revitalize the coronary, by giving the real completely hairline, and easy to accept treatment, making it a slow coronary hair loss and baldness development ideal choice.



      2.发际线后移 Hairline Receding




      On both sides of a hairline ward, is from the forehead to the top of the head direction of hair loss, with the rarest and forehead hair loss, eventually lead to the entire forehead hairline integral to the first direction, produce the effect of the hairline ward. SMP can be directly in the hairline complement hair loss caused by the vacancy, eventually give you a complete, highly attractive hairline.


     3.完全或接近完全脱发Fully or close to full hair loss




      As the name suggests, this kind of situation is little hair, according to the solution of this kind of circumstance, the SMP is the most professional, and also is one of the most obvious effect. A few hours, let the customer feel the hair follicles from surprise. Once unthinkable things, in the entire miraculous implement several hours without pain.



     4.斑秃 Alopecia





     This is a kind of epilepsy mark sex trichomadesis, often occur in the body have hair parts, local skin is normal, no self-conscious symptom, cause can not be sure. A lot of alopecia areata friends will seek treatment or conceal alopecia areata part solution, common with external treatment, with potions, local injection therapy and neural closed, the final effect is not ideal. SMP in dealing with such issues, with simple operation, quick effect, make a lot of alopecia areata friends back to the original confidence.



      5.弥散性脱发 Diffused hair loss




      弥漫性脱发指脱发量在短时间内明显增加,使头发变得稀疏,置之不理会令毛囊萎缩甚至死亡,头发不能再长出,导致秃头。它会发生在任何年龄段, 使头发正常的代谢周期紊乱, 大多由于情绪压力、营养不良、内分泌失衡等因素所致。它的出现无疑是一件烦心的事情,而且群体范围也原来越年轻化。SMP是一项极为有效的治疗方法,让你在短时间内重拾信心。

      Diffuse hair loss refers to the amount of hair loss increased significantly in a short time, make the hair thinning, nothing can make hair follicle atrophy and even death, the hair can't grow, causes baldness. It can happen at any age, make the hair normal metabolic cycle disorders, mostly due to the emotional stress, poor nutrition, endocrine imbalance, etc. It is a matter of worry, and also more younger groups. SMP is a highly effective treatment method, let you regain confidence in a short time.


      6.女性脱发  Women's hair loss




      接近5%的女性都患有脱发/稀发症状;主要表现为雄性激素源性脱发、产后脱发以及内分泌失调性脱发三种类型。SMP同样可以使用相同的治疗方法来处理女性脱发问题, 因为即使是长发,SMP着色的领域也会比先前光秃的头皮更为真实、自然。

      Nearly 5% of women are suffering from hair loss/thin hair symptoms; Main show is testosterone source sex trichomadesis, postpartum hair loss, and three types of endocrine tonal hair loss. SMP can also use the same treatment to deal with female hair loss problem, because even if the long hair, SMP shaded areas may also be bald scalp more real than the first, nature.




      In addition, the SMP is not affected by the hair and skin, can be treated. It also in hair transplant scar and the scar on the modification of very significant results have been achieved.